Supports & sales

Boutique Manager (M/F)

Seasonal position of 3 to 8 months
Club Med Resorts
Position with full board
Experience required as a Shop or Profit Centre Manager, managing 4-5 people
Holder of a Sales/Commerce qualification 
Working French required
Joining the Boutique team of Club Med, means discovering a different type of selling atmosphere making it possible to create bonds with 300 to 1000 clients per week with: 
  • Around 1500 references per boutique including renowned international brand names (Lacoste, Rossignol, etc.) 
  • An original “Club Med” line making possible to have unique products depending on the resort
  • Numerous professional trainings making it possible to evolve and enrich your career

Currently, you are…

  • An explorer, available and ready to live in a Club Med resort
  • An experienced, educated and passionate professional
  • A salesperson by heart, who always suggests the right product to the right customer  
  • An expert at multitasking, possessing IT skills and team management skills
  • A chameleon who adapts to your environment and is comfortable with international and upscale clientèle
  • Enthusiastic about foreign languages, capable de parler et comprendre le français!

At Club Med, you will be…

  • A local sales person in charge of 1 to 2 points of sale in the Resort 
  • An attentive advisor, capable of responding to the needs of the clients (the G .M, Great Members) 
  • A creative ambassador who manages the merchandising for Club Med products 
  • An astute administrator who manages the  boutique (stocks, orders, etc.) and its  performance (KPIs, transformation rate, average basket, inventory…) 
  • A good communicator who organises and supervises sales events in the boutiques with the other services of the Resort
  • An exemplary coach who motivates your teams in the areas of sales, merchandising, customer situations, and commercial events
  • An exceptional manager who develops and grows your team (evaluations, trainings with the Club Med Talent University, growth opportunities...) 

Why set your sights for one of our resorts?

  • To be at the water’s edge or on the mountain tops
  • To evolve in a multicultural environment in a unique atmosphere
  • To have wonderful encounters, and grow both personally and professionally
  • To take on new challenges and enjoy the thrills of discovering yourself!
Immersion of 1 to 3 months in a resort working with a Boutique Manager is expected, depending on the profile. 
So, what are you waiting for… pack your bags.
Have you already been employed at Club Med?

Welcome to the recruitment page for boutique managers with Club Med. Are you a professional in sales and customer relations? Are you ready to live at one of our resorts for a period of 3 to 8 months? Apply for the position of boutique manager with Club Med. You are only a click away from the thrill of discovering yourself. We have the job offer of boutique manager which is perfect for you, so apply immediately to join our teams at our upscale resorts located in France, Europe, Africa or the Middle East.