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Pastry Cook
I would never have experienced all that outside Club Med
Mini Club animateur
Club Med is an excellent school of life
Boutique Manager
Club Med is above all an unforgettable human experience!
Tennis manager
You can only experience those things if you are a G.O at Club Med
Water Sports Manager
Club Med is the only place where you can tie-in your passion to your job
Golf Manager
Club Med is the place to discover and rediscover yourself
Salesperson/Tour Leader
Being a G.O at Club Med is the ideal job
Assistant Restaurant Manager
I am relying on Club Med to help me evolve
For me, Club Med is 100% pleasure
My life would have been different in a traditional kitchen
Public Relations manager
Club Med means giving and receiving happiness
Fitness instructor
I have learnt a lot from working at Club Med
Financial Manager
Club Med will always be the company of my heart
It's a real privilege to be a G.O. at Club Med
Human Resources Manager
Very good moments that will remain engraved forever
Land Sports Manager
I will not be the same when I leave the Club