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Pastry Cook

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    May 2010
  • Villages :
    Grégolimano, Méribel, Vittel
  • Training :
    BEP (trade exam) as a Pastry cook, additional option in desserts (technical diploma in Pastry professions)
  • Pastry cook
  • Pastry manager
I would never have experienced all that outside Club Med

After having obtained a BEP (trade exam) as a Pastry Cook and an additional option in desserts, I completed my training by working for a baker, a confectioner, a chocolate-maker and a restaurateur One day, when talking to a member of my family, the Pastry Manager of the Trancoso Club at the time, I realised that I could also have a go myself. It was a means for me to experience my passion... differently.

I worked my first season as a pastry cook at Grégolimano in Greece. Although I had several years' experience behind me when I arrived at the village, I still had not worked that way before. At Club Med, as well as having very good technical knowledge, you also need to show good flexibility and adaptation. There I worked a lot with new products, local products that I did not know and had never yet worked with!

The Club Med environment is also very different from the one found in a confectionery or chocolate shop. I did not know the values of the company when I joined the Club. Multiculturalism, pioneering spirit, responsibility, kindness, freedom... it didn't mean that much to me. And then I learnt. Learnt how to manage my orders myself, give value to my buffets, develop my sense of service, smile in all circumstances, manage a team...

Now I am the Pastry Manager. The Club has allowed me to evolve fast, increase my autonomy and assert my creativity. Travelling has also opened my mind: I found professional enrichment by sharing my culinary know-how with local G.Os or learning to make new desserts using regional products... and I would never have learnt that had I stayed in an ordinary patisserie!